Chicken Provencale

Following on with my autumnal and comforting meal theme, I decided it was time to cook Chicken Provençal.

I have very fond memories of this dish, with my mother making this for myself and my three brothers.

The roasted peppers, capers and black olives give a distinct Mediterranean vibe.

This meal really does not take long to prepare - and once done can be left in the oven on a low heat should you wish to serve this after a nice long walk!

Roasting the peppers really helps to intensify their flavour, as well as remove the skin from the final dish. The same can be done with the tomatoes - but frankly life is too short on a week night.

Chicken Provencale : Last one


for the chicken Provençal [serves 2] :
2 bell peppers, roasted and sliced
3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
3 red onions, diced
150 g plain flour, plus lots of seasoning
2 chicken legs, 2 chicken wings (or a whole bird)
2 tbsp vegetable oil
8 anchovy fillets, roughly chopped
1/2 round courgette, peeled and cut into chunks
200 ml of white wine
500 ml of chicken stock
2 tbsp capers
2 tbsp black olives, stones removed and roughly chopped
1 tin of cherry tomatoes
handful of fresh thyme, roughly chopped
4 tomatoes, quartered

handful of fresh parsley, roughly chopped to garnish (optional)


for the chicken Provençal :
1) Pre heat the oven to gas mark 6, 200.
2) Place the whole peppers on a gas hob and blacken all over.
3) Once blackened, remove with tongs and place in a freezer bag, tie a knot in the top and allow to steam.
4) Once cool to the touch, remove the skin from the peppers, and roughly slice.
5) Using another freezer bag, or a bowl, add the flour and season very well.
6) Place the chicken into the flour bag and shake well to ensure it is well coated.
7) Add the oil to a large heavy based pan (I prefer to use a Duchy) on a medium high heat.
8) When the oil is shimmering and hot, brown off each piece of chicken, turning and browning the other side before setting aside.

9) Reduce the heat, and add the red onions. Once softened, 3-4 minutes, add the garlic and cook for another 2 minutes.
10) Add the anchovies and cook for a minute until they begin to break down.
11) Add the white wine, chicken stock and stir the bottom of the pot to make sure all the tasty bits are flavours are released.
12) Add the tin tomatoes, round courgette chunks, fresh thyme, capers and black olives.
13) Finally add the quartered tomatoes, and the browned chicken pieces.
14) Place the pot in the oven for 45 minutes, until the sauce has reduced and the chicken taken on more colour.
15) Check the seasoning, adjust if needed and serve.

I served this with mint buttered boiled new potatoes.

Chicken Provencale : Roast the Bell Peppers

Roast the bell peppers on top of the hob

Chicken Provencale : Turn the peppers when blackening

Keep turning the peppers when they begin to blacken

Chicken Provencale : Dice the garlic

Dice the garlic

Chicken Provencale : Dice the red onions

Slice the red onions

Chicken Provencale : Blackened Peppers

Peppers roasted

Chicken Provencale : Place the peppers in a plastic bag

Place the peppers in a plastic bag and leave to steam for 10 minutes

Chicken Provencale : Once cool peel the peppers

Once cool to the touch, remove the skin from the peppers

Chicken Provencale : Peppers ready

Peppers roasted and peeled

Chicken Provencale : Put flour and seasoning in a bag

Place the flour and seasoning in a freezer bag

Chicken Provencale : Heat the oil in a heavy based pan

Pour the oil into a heavy based pot

Chicken Provencale : Fry the chicken till golden

Sear the chicken until golden brown on one side

Chicken Provencale : Turn half way

Cook the other side

Chicken Provencale : Chickened Browned

Chicken browned

Chicken Provencale : Dice the anchovies

Dice the anchovies

Chicken Provencale : Add the anchovies to the softened onion

Add the onion to the cooking pot and softened on a low heat

Chicken Provencale : Stir gently

Add the white wine and chicken stock

Chicken Provencale : Add the diced roast peppers

Add the sliced roasted peppers

Chicken Provencale : Add the courgette

Add the courgette chunks

Chicken Provencale : Add the capers and black olives

Add the capers and black olives

Chicken Provencale : Add the tinned tomates

Add the tinned tomatoes

Chicken Provencale : Roughky chop the herbs

Roughly chop the thyme


Quarter the tomatoes

Chicken Provencale : Add the herbs and tomatoes

Add the tomatoes and herbs and bring to a moderate simmer. Place in the oven

Chicken Provencale : Side of new potatoes with mint

Side of buttered new potatoes with mint

Chicken Provencale : Ready from the oven

After 40 minutes, remove from the oven

Chicken Provencale : Served

Chicken Provencale served with new potatoes

Chicken Provencale : Another shot

Another shot

Chicken Provencale : Close Up

Close up!

Chicken Provencale : Last one

Last one!

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