Crispy Thai Chicken

I came home from work, and had a hankering for something crispy and spicy. I looked in the fridge, and found a pre-made salad, some chicken bits and Red Thai Curry Paste. (Although I would prefer to make my own - sometimes there simply is not the time, nor do I have the ingredients). As such adaptability is the key!!)

I could not think what to make, so I ended up combing up with the Crispy Thai Chicken.

Generally, I try to avoid deep frying food, mainly as I prefer to oven cook it and keep the dish healthier. However, batter is batter - and no amount of oven cooking is going to develop the crispy crunchy texture I so wanted.

This is a very easy recipe - taking no longer than 10 minutes to prepare.

I have to say the result was fantastic - a lovely Thai spice, with mouth watering fresh citrus undertones and delicious crispy chicken.

The salad was served dressed with Thai dipping sauce and a little olive oil and worked brilliantly.

I highly recommend giving this a go!!!

Crispy Thai Chicken : Close Up

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Spicy Meatballs with Herby Ragu

Having come home quite late from work, I had to knock up a quick and easy dinner. (Work seriously gets in the way of hanging out in the kitchen!)

You know when you have one of those days, and not just any food will do. It has to be comfort food - is there anything more comforting than Spicy Meatballs?

These meatballs pack a punch of flavour and chilli heat. The herby ragu is the perfect compliment.

I skipped adding tomato puree - as I did not want to wait for it to cook through. By all means add the puree and turbo charge the tomato flavour!

I am very pleased to finally have enough herbs and chillies growing in the new house’s garden.

I had the rest for lunch the next day, and it was totally delicious!

Spicy Meatballs with Herby Ragu : Another shot

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