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How to Butcher a Chicken

A brief picture guide and tutorial in how I butcher a whole chicken.

Buying a while chicken is significantly cheaper than buying just single cuts. It also ensures that you purchase the best welfare chicken that you can source.

The other reward from a whole chicken is that you can make a decent and cheap chicken stock from the carcass.

How to Butcher a Chicken : Whole Chicken

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How to make Sourbread Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are required for so many recipes, whether coating fish or chicken or as a topping to pasta. It is a good idea to store your left over stale bread, and make into breadcrumb when you have enough ends to make it worthwhile. You can store old bread ends in the freezer, and pull them out when ready to turn into crumb. No need to defrost the bread - simply roughly chop, and follow the instructions.

Why throw away bread again?

I like the slight sour note that the sour bread provides, but any decent bread will provide similar results.

Sourbread Breadcrumbs : Blitz in a Food Processor

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Herby Butter

Herb butter is a store cupboard essential.

Pull the butter out of the freezer and slice of a little and add to boiled new potatoes or other seasonal vegetables. The herbs and lemon will really lift the vegetables to a whole new dimension.

I use the herb butter for my
garlic bread, as well as my stuffing for chicken Kiev.

It takes minutes to make and stores for months in the freezer.

Try it at home today!

Herb Butter : Pull from the Freezer when Needed

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