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7 Pot Keema

I was looking for a way to use one of my rather ferocious
7 Pot Doughla chillies (2nd hottest in the world). After my last attempt with the Naga Chili Chicken, I was quite nervous!. These bright red devils are a delicious fruity chilli and really add a fanatic flavour to the finished dish. However, they are outrageously hot, punching in at 1.2 million scoville. This recipe will be equally good with Scotch Bonnets instead.

The recipe was also an attempt to clear out some of my old spices and the plethora of tomatoes from the garden.

It is a very simple recipe, making a tasty curry sauce base and then adding caramelised lamb mince in to enfuse with the spices and chilli flavours.

The finished dish was lip smackingly delicious, definitely on the hot side although a builder as opposed to a full front assault, but the petit poit and fragrant spice background keep everything under control and very moreish!

I served the dish with sticky Basmati rice, some naan bread and Greek yoghurt. It really is a great mouthful!

7 Pot Keema : Close up

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Fragrant and Hot Lamb Curry and Aromatic Rice

With a large slab of lamb shoulder left from the butcher’s course, I decided that I wanted to make a fragrant lamb curry.

The lamb has been marinated for 8 hours in yoghurt along with almond flour and spices. Afterwards the lamb was cooked slowly for 12 hours until it falls apart as the spoon stirs the bowl!

The smell as this cooked in the oven was incredible, permeating throughout the house.

12 red chills add a kick, but the flavours are fragrant and subtle and not overwhelming.

Fragrant and Hot Lamb Curry and Aromatic Rice : Side Shot

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Monkfish Curry, Potato and Spinach Patties, Sag Aloo and Onion Bhajis

A full blown Indian inspired meal. The monkfish curry is aromatic and does not overwhelm the beautiful fish.

The sides can all be made in advance, and heated when needed. The sides make a great mid week snack Happy

Monkfish Curry

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Authentic Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

A delicious, simple and fiery Lamb Curry.

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