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Chipotle Chilli Chicken

Having finally unpacked the last boxes, after the epic house move, I was delighted to be finally back in the kitchen. For the record I have no intention of moving for at least another 10 years, and will most certainly not offer to wrap and box the contents of the house ever again.

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As a result of the house move, I am now the proud owner of a gas fired BBQ.

Generally, I am a fan of all things charcoal when it comes to BBQ’ing, however, I have been swayed over the years from my sisters-in-law in New Zealand and Oz that quick al fresco cooking is worthwhile.

So, last night I wanted to create something with Chipotle chilli. I have become totally addicted to the smokey flavour and slight punch these chillies give. Combined with the lime juice and cumin I wanted to achieve a real Mexicana feel.

The kebabs were fantastic, moist and succulent but savoury and fresh with a delicate smokey taste followed by a tingling on the lips as the chilli mades itself known!

Totally delicious, and tasting even better for being eaten outside!

Chipotle Chilli Chicken : Wrap Close Up

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Sizzling Beef Fajitas

I love eating Beef Fajitas. Whats not to love - sizzling beef with a good chilli kick!

They are quick and easy to make, and really show case a good quality, cheap cut of beef.

I like to use the griddle pan for this recipe, as it can get extremely hot, and replicates the chargrill of a barbecue.

I like to eat my fajitas with
Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, homemade flatbread topped with Manchego cheese and a little sour cream.

The marinade works just as well with pork and chicken.

Beef Fajitas : Close Up

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Oh Dear Lord that's Flippin' Hot Chilli Con Carne

Do not under estimate how hot this chilli con carne is. I can eat most levels of spice, but even this had me on my knees!!! Served with coriander and lime rice, sour cream and chives, lime segments, Manchego cheese and some dry fried tortilla, the heat was just about tamed.

Beef shin is the ideal cut for this slow cooked recipe. The shin will retain its shape but melt in the mouth.

The Chipotle add a wonderful smokey fragrance, which at first seemed overpowering, but as the chilli cooks, mellow and rounds out the flavour.

The Habaneros and Ancho provide the heat and fruitiness. Similar to scotch bonnets but a good deal hotter!

Ideally, make the chilli a day before you wish to eat it, so that the flavours can deepen and develop.

WARNING : Wash your hands very carefully after preparing the chillies.

I tried the chilli half way through cooking and all I could say was “Oh Dear Lord *cough* *wheeze* *cough*”. It reminded me of this little gem -
A Texas Chilli Eating Contest.

Chilli Con Carne : Tortilla of Doom CloseUp!

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