Naga Chilli Chicken : Not for the faint hearted

I was challenged to come up with a seriously chilli hot recipe for the Dropzone.

Being a chilli-head, this was not something to be shied away from!

A quick peek on the internet and I got myself a bag of Naga Ghost Chillies. These chillies should come with a health and safety warning as they are off the scale in terms of heat. (1.4 million Scoville, where as a scotch bonnet is 400,000 Scoville).

Believe it or not, I thought I would add some herbs and seasoning to make the kebabs as delicious and tasty as possible.

Frankly, after the first 3 seconds, which I have to say were flavoursome and fruity, the rest became a blur. The heat was mind numbing causing waterfalls of sweat to explode from every part of my body.

I did finish a kebab, but I really would not recommend this recipe, at this chilli heat.

I will make it again, but will use 1/3 of a naga chilli. I will post back with the more palatable results!

Naga Chilli Chicken Kebabs : Naga Chillies

Naga Chilli Chicken Kebabs : Naga Chilli Chicken Kebabs Served

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Crispy Thai Chicken

I came home from work, and had a hankering for something crispy and spicy. I looked in the fridge, and found a pre-made salad, some chicken bits and Red Thai Curry Paste. (Although I would prefer to make my own - sometimes there simply is not the time, nor do I have the ingredients). As such adaptability is the key!!)

I could not think what to make, so I ended up combing up with the Crispy Thai Chicken.

Generally, I try to avoid deep frying food, mainly as I prefer to oven cook it and keep the dish healthier. However, batter is batter - and no amount of oven cooking is going to develop the crispy crunchy texture I so wanted.

This is a very easy recipe - taking no longer than 10 minutes to prepare.

I have to say the result was fantastic - a lovely Thai spice, with mouth watering fresh citrus undertones and delicious crispy chicken.

The salad was served dressed with Thai dipping sauce and a little olive oil and worked brilliantly.

I highly recommend giving this a go!!!

Crispy Thai Chicken : Close Up

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Chipotle Chilli Chicken

Having finally unpacked the last boxes, after the epic house move, I was delighted to be finally back in the kitchen. For the record I have no intention of moving for at least another 10 years, and will most certainly not offer to wrap and box the contents of the house ever again.

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As a result of the house move, I am now the proud owner of a gas fired BBQ.

Generally, I am a fan of all things charcoal when it comes to BBQ’ing, however, I have been swayed over the years from my sisters-in-law in New Zealand and Oz that quick al fresco cooking is worthwhile.

So, last night I wanted to create something with Chipotle chilli. I have become totally addicted to the smokey flavour and slight punch these chillies give. Combined with the lime juice and cumin I wanted to achieve a real Mexicana feel.

The kebabs were fantastic, moist and succulent but savoury and fresh with a delicate smokey taste followed by a tingling on the lips as the chilli mades itself known!

Totally delicious, and tasting even better for being eaten outside!

Chipotle Chilli Chicken : Wrap Close Up

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