Mince Meat and Mince Pies

Finally, it is this time of year again.

I adore Christmas time, the chance to eat a little more than usual and indulge with friends and family.

I love to make my own mincemeat and mince pies - frankly there is not a shop bought recipe that comes close.

The mincemeat is aromatic and stuffed full of plump fruit. The pastry is so short that it only just holds the mince meat in the case.

My recipe is based around Delia’s - the same recipe that I grew up with as a boy. Over the years I have upped the booze and spice to suit my tastes.

I often add other seasonal favourites such as dried cranberries and walnuts to my mincemeat.

Mince Pies : Close Up

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Boozy Easter Cake

Since Christmas, I have had a number of request to make another boozy fruit cake.

Easter seemed to be an appropriate event to make a cake for.

The cake is light, but packed full of moist plump fruit. The recipe is based off Delia’s fruitcake, however, it uses significantly more spice and booze!

I fed the cake twice a day for two weeks with a combination of Brandy, Rum, Amaretto and Armagnac. I really think you should not drive after eating this cake!

This cake is most certainly not for the drop zone!

Boozy Easter Cake

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