Breaded Fish and Chips

Is there anything more traditional than fish on a Friday?

Not being a big fan of deep fried food, I opted to bread the fish fillets and cook in the oven.

The fish comes out beautifully flaky, with the crispy breaded exterior forming a seal around the fish and keeping it very moist.

I served the fish with buttered and minted peas along with some oven roasted chips.

A British favourite, and for a good reason - you simply cannot beat fish and chips!

Breaded Fish and Chips : Close Up

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Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Fishcakes with a Beetroot and Leaf Salad and Lemon Dressing

Picking up smoked salmon trimmings mean that these fish cakes costs significantly less than you would expect. The horseradish compliments the salmon wonderfully and the crunchy polenta and breadcrumb topping is fabulous.

I like to serve the fishcakes on a bed of fresh salad leaves drizzled over with a lemon and mustard dressing.

An awesome mid week meal.

Fishcakes : Side shot

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