Dessicated Cocounut

Macaroon Loaf

I was playing around in the kitchen yesterday afternoon, as the weather was rubbish - and I have ample time now that I am not copying and pasting 8 hours a day - trying to rebuild the website! Sad

I wanted to create a light sponge that had the sticky chewy texture of a macaroon.

I cooked the cake on a slightly higher heat than normal, so that the edges become chewy and delicious!

The cake really does take fantastic. You may omit the lemon sugar crust - but it definitely helps to liven up and round out the taste.

It amazes me how playing around with a sponge batter can create so many wonderful variations.

Cherry Coconut Loaf : Cross Section

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Ginger Stem, Coconut and Lime Cupcakes

Gorgeous light zingy cupcakes. A doddle to make!


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