Crispy Chicken Goujons with Spicy Salsa

This is one of these mid week meals which takes moments to prepare, but rewards with delicious crispy chicken and tangy salsa flavours.

I wanted to keep this healthy so I oven roasted the chicken goujons instead of the usual deep fried affair. This keeps the dish much lighter but the chicken remains mouth wateringly tender and crispy.

I made a salsa as I wanted to use up the evenings harvest of heritage tomatoes and Numex Twilight and Birdseye chillies. The salsa and plain rice turned the dish from finger food into a full meal.

This was a household hit and I will definitely be making this again.

When coating chicken or any other meat in breadcrumbs I find it best to use one hand for the egg and the other hand for the dry bowls. I do each piece one at a time so that every last bit has a generous and even coating.

Roast Chicken Crispy Goujons : Last One

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Rib of Beef

Whilst digging through my photos, I found this delicious Rib of Beef with Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Potatoes.

I made this the weekend before my Australia and China trip. Unfortunately I do not have every photo, but it is a fantastically simple dish to make. Again, I use a meat thermometer to ensure that I get the perfect medium rare temperature.

The rib was delicious, with a crusty salty outside with melt in the mouth medium rare inside. Accompanied with buttered seasonal vegetables, crunchy roast potatoes and light and fluffy puds, there is no better Sunday dinner.

Normally, I would make gravy, but in this instance I settled with horseradish sauce.

Rib of Beef : Serve with horseradish

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Flatbread are simple to make and taste delicious. The dough can be frozen and used when required. (It defrosts in seconds from the microwave).

Add cumin, coriander or almond flour to add more distinctive flavours.

Originally served with
Lamb Koftas.

Lamb Kofta : Flatbread : Keep warm in a teatowel

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Dropzone Coffee Frosted Walnut and Coffee Sponge

So, at last a decent weather weekend and we are off to the Dropzone.

My second passion, after cooking, is falling through the sky with style

Nothing in this recipe is difficult - just take your time and follow it. Each stage of whisking is important!!

CookBakeSmile Flying Headown over Sibson

Me flailing around!

This cake is wonderful, sweet and bitter. A perfect pick me up during the middle of the day.

A delight with a decent Americano!
Not something we are likely to get at UK Parachuting Sibson

Coffee Walnut Cake

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How to Make Pasta

Pasta is so delicious when you take the time to make it fresh.

Unlike bread, it is ready in 20-30 minutes.

Whether to make lasagne, spaghetti or ravioli, for instance, the extra oomph in flavour from homemade pasta never fails to impress guests.

Do stick with the fork method I describe. I tried a couple of times and failed, as I had no patience. The reward in using this method, is that you keep your hands clean!

Investing in a pasta machine really is imperative in order to achieve the best results.

After a couple of attempts, this is really quite easy. At the beginning, however, a second pair of hands is advisable when using the pasta machine!

How to Make Pasta : Pasta Shaped as Ravioli

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Yorkshire Puddings

If you are having a traditional
Sunday Roast with Beef, then you really must have Yorkshire puddings.

Light, fluffy and crispy - that is the only way they should be served.

They are really easy to make. I have tried numerous recipes, and this is by far my favourite - it never fails. There is no need to have the batter standing around - equally it will sit in a warm kitchen for an hour or two no problems
(Just give it a good whisk before ladling in to the tray).

Where people go wrong and why they end up with biscuits is as a result of not adding the batter to smoking fat. Lard, having a high burning point really is ideal for the perfect puddings.

This recipe scales up really well for Toad in the Hole - an easy mid week supper.
(If I triple the batter quantities, I will and an addition egg).

Yorkshire Puddings : Roast Beef with all the Trimmings

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