How to Make : Chicken Stock

I prefer to buy a whole chicken as opposed to breasts or thighs. See the chicken butchery guide here : coming soon.

Not only are the individual portions cheaper by butchering the chicken yourself, but you also get the carcass.

Whether you roast the chicken for Sunday roast, or simply butcher it for its component pieces, ensure that you save the carcass.

Chicken stock is so simple to make and costs next to nothing - except time. So many recipes require a little stock - and it is so convenient to pull out a couple of frozen ice cubes. (My ice cubes are about 25 ml, defrosted - helps to know!! Happy).

Time and again in my recipes you will see floating frozen chicken stock. It melts perfectly and adds just the same punch as the fresh stock.

Infinitely better than any cube. So much nicer than the wishy washy supermarket imitations.

If you wish for a clear stock, then do not roast the chicken bones - otherwise the same method needs to be followed.

Vary the herbs depending on what is in season / have in larder.

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