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Omega Seed Sourbread Batch

I have made sour bread once before on this blog. My sister-in-law-to-be originally introduced me to sour bread - Christmas, two years ago, giving me a wonderful present of a selection of flours, a proving basket and the most important thing of all - a sour bread starter.

All, was well and for over a year I improved my sour bread technique and enjoyed the rewards.

Alas, a five week trip away was too much for my Keith, the name of the starter in our extended family. He turned rather black and foul smelling - so - he had to go

As a result I am working with a 3 month old starter. Compared to the first couple of batches, Keith2 is really hitting his strides - the second prove is now taking about four hours - compared to eight previously.

The sour flavour is also developing, and I am now producing consistent and light, sour bread.

I will definitely begin to experiment with some more enriched doughs, now the starter has stabilised.

Sour bread dough is different to yeast dough, in that it is wetter and stickier to work with. You can tell when the dough is ready by doing the “window pane” test. When you can pinch a piece of dough between two hands and it is almost translucent - i.e you could read a newspaper through it - then it is done. This is definitely a two hand and slap on the surface sort of dough!

Go on give it a go !! - Chiswick has some fantastic natural yeasts floating out there!!!

If you live in West London and would like some starter - please get in touch.

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