Super Quick Chicken Bake

This meal was a store cupboard inspiration. It is cheap to make if you stick to using up leftovers!

I had a load of bits and bobs in the fridge, including half a roast chicken.

I had very little desire to cook, and the condensed soup was surprisingly tasty.

A great little recipe for when you need to be doing other things!

Quick Chicken Bake : Last One

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Jerked Sweetcorn

These jerked sweetcorn work well with burgers, racks of ribs - anything a little spicy and tangy! Highly recommended to eat with Tom Kerridge’s
Fried Chicken in a Basket.


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Tom Kerridge's Fried Chicken in a Basket, 'slaw, Jerked Sweetcorn and Stuffed Potatoes

A whopping 36 hours to prepare the chicken. However, it was worth every minute. The chicken melted off the bone, and the crispy coating was divine.
It seemed strange to almost confit the chicken — but it most definitely worked! The meal was scrumptious but not quick and easy for a week night.

Crispy Chicken Meal

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Tuna Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

I love tuna and sweetcorn pasta. There is something so wholesome and tasty about the combination. I like to funk the recipe up with spring onion and hot red chilli.

It takes such little effort to make, tastes fresh, zingy and delicious, and one can will serve 2 people for two lunches. What is not too like?

If you are looking for variety on this recipe, then may I suggest apple and celery as alternative additions.

Make sure to keep the pasta al dente - otherwise it will not survive in the fridge very well after a day.

Season well - nothing worse than bland pasta salad!

I add the mayonnaise to the serving plate and mix through - when I am ready to eat the pasta salad - otherwise I find it can go a little gloopy and less appetising! After all this is meant to be a quick and easy lunch solution!

The pasta salad is really good without the mayo anyways

Tuna Pasta Salad : Close Up 2

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